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Don’t Do It With Your Towel

Don't Do It With Your Towel

Don’t Do It With Your Towel

The „Don’t Do It With Your Towel” phrase may sound scary, but worry not. Here are the guidlines for the proper usage of this popular item.

Remember, these tips do not apply to curly girls and boys!


1. DO NOT squeeze or rub your hair with a towel.

The structure of a standard towel may cause hair damage. Rubbing and squeezing causes tangling and therefore foreshadows further damage done detangling and bruhing. It is surprisingly easy to dent hair structure and remember: this kind of damage is irreversible.

2. DO NOT use a „standard towel”.

I have no idea about the concept of towels worldwide, but in Europe towels tend to be thick and kinda shaggy. Minority of towels is truly soft and suitable for hair.

Don't Do It With Your Towel

There are hair-friendly types though, including microfiber ones. They are sometimes described as „quick-dry” or „gym towels”.

3. DO NOT wrap your hair in a towel after washing for a long time.

There is no problem with <1 minute wrapping, just to let excess water soak. The problem starts with keeping hair wrapped for longer and, therefore, creating a sort of hair sauna.

There are beneficial types of sauna for hair, but definitely not this one.

Why Towel Sauna Sucks?

Hair after washing is wet (duh), heavier and soaked. You may rinse them with lukewarm or chilly water, but it still gets heated up pretty fast if wrapped.

Scalp keeps emitting warmth and makes water evaporate. That is what I call „unwanted towel sauna”.

The aftermath of long-term „unwanted towel sauna” may include:

  • hair fall because of too much heat for follicles
  • bacteria growth, as they love warm and humid areas
  • greasy, oily scalp and hair
  • dandruff
  • scalp itching

As you see, the main problem is enhanced bacterial growth enabled by higher temperatures and humidity.

How To Destroy Bacteria Paradise

For starters, avoid „unwanted towel sauna” at all costs.

Then, use paper towels (called also kitchen towels) to remove excess water from scalp area.

You may consider blow-drying scalp and hair close to your scalp/head.

Any Towel Alternatives?

Sure! As I mentioned before, microfiber towels are perfectly fine for initial water removal.

An old T-shirt? Great idea as well! More absorptive than a regular towel and much, much softer.

Then, my personal favorite is a simple paper or kitchen towel. These are durable, highly absorptive, cheap, easily accessible.

1-2 pieces is usually enough, and if you are an eco-freak, you may even reuse them by letting them dry. I would not recommend reusing pieces which go on your scalp, but lenght – why not.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

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