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Protein overload on hair, how to remove excess protein
13 lutego 2017

How to wash hair properly?

how to wash hair properly

Wash hair smart, not hard(?)

D o you know how to wash hair properly? You may think that washing hair is the simpliest thing on Earth, so can it be done right or wrong?

YES, it can! And what is even worse, it can ruin your whole routine from the very beginning, overwriting further efforts to make your hair smooth and shiny.

The Diagnose

It is important to spot all the symptoms and link them to the source of the problem, which may be poor hair washing technique.

dry hair

Firstly, think if your hair after washing:

  • tangles a lot
  • look messy
  • feels brittle and dry
  • weightens down quickly

And if your scalp:

  • feels irritated
  • itches
  • shows dandruff

If you can spot more than 3 of the symptoms mentioned above, you may suspect poor washing technique to be the reason.

Bad hair wash the only reason?

Not necessarily. Changing hair washing routine might not solve the problem though, if the reason lies in the usage of unsuitable products or ingredients.

Too much protein may make your hair dry and brittle. Silicones in shampoos may make your hair look greasy after just a couple of hours post washing. There are good and bad alcohols, some of them can dry your hair in no time.


Bad marketing

I’m sure you have seen a bunch of shampoo commercials in your life. Try visualizing them for a brief moment…

Was it similar to this commercial, with the theatrical, massage-like movement involving all hair one grows on their head? Probably yes!

This way of washing hair is simply the worst. Just look at this once again and think logically, how could hair not be tangled afterwards?

Can it get even worse?

Washing hair in a „commercial-like” style can be spiced up with using shampoo right from the bottle. Shampoos are highly concentrated products. They are not meant to be put on hair on scalp directly.

Always dilute your shampoo before using it, regardless if SL(e)S/SL(e)S-free formula.

Used that way, shampoos can irritate scalp and make it hard to rinse your hair and scalp properly, leaving unwanted deposit. That deposit may lead to faster oiling of scalp, irritations, itching.

How to wash hair properly

Let’s finally get to the instruction of how to wash hair properly. It starts even before using the shower!

1. Brush your dry hair thoroughly, preferably with a paddle brush, not a detangler.

It is a general rule in hair care procedures: brush hair first, then do whatever you want and avoid too much of changing vertical orientation.

ALWAYS brush your hair in the direction of washing!

If you wash hair standing up – brush it that way. If you wash hair with your head and hair down, like me, brush after getting into the ‚upside down’ position.

2. Put a portion of shampoo in a container. I use a protein shaker here, whatever!

How much shampoo?

The amount that fits the palm of your hand is usually perfectly fine. In my case, 10-15ml of shampoo is perfectly enough for washing twice.

If not a shaker…

… what kind of container?

My favorite ones are empty ice cream plastic containers or empty conditioner jars. Made of plastic, wide opening, easy to mix and foam everything together. Nice!

3. Add water. Usually, 100-200ml should be just about right, but I would always go with your guts.

If you feel the mixture turns out to be too watery, reduce the amount of water next time. And this time, just add some shampoo.

how to wash your hair properly


Protip: use a wide-opening container and add water with a shower onto the shampoo. You will automatically and effortlessly foam it.

4. ♪ Shake shake shake shake shake it ♪

henna hair wash

5. Apply foam/water onto your SCALP and close-to-scalp hair lenght.

There is no need to apply shampoo lower. Really, washing „hair” is mostly about washing and cleaning one’s scalp. Hair can be washed with a conditioner. Hair too, of course (co-wash), but that is a good topic for another article.

6. Massage gently, without unnsecessary circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Imagine petting a nice, small animal. You wouldn’t pet a cute creature circular motion, would you?

dry hair


7. You may want to leave foamed shampoo on your scalp for 30 seconds to 1 minute, especially if the formula is meant to stimulate growth or combat dandruff.

If not, massage time should be sufficient.

8. Rinse. Use lukewarm to warm water. Not too hot, not too cold. Feel comfortable, not freezing or burning yourself.

Protip: high pressure shower head helps to rinse shampoo more effectively, by additional foaming what had been left unfoamed.

9. Repeat steps 2-8 if needed.

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10. Washing done.

Now read The DON’T DO IT WITH THE TOWEL to get a grip of what to do next to step on the right path of getting best hair of your life!

Is his method of washing hair for everyone?

No, this way of washing hair applies to straight to wavy hair.

Curly-haired boys and girls, sorry for letting you down, but you have just wasted some time. Just kidding! Here comes a version for you:

  • How to wash curly hair properly?

To sum up

There are 3 key steps to perform a prfect hair wash:

  1. Brush
  2. Dilute
  3. Don’t pretend you are acting in a shampoo commercial.

Also: remember it is mostly scalp you are cleaning, not hair! With hair roots, the less cuticle rainsing, the better. Shampoos of any kind tend to raise hair cuticle and, therefore, make hair more prone to damage.

I hope my instructions were clear enough and now y’all can try this method to wash hair properly! Good luck and have fun!

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