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Don’t Do It With Your Towel
17 lutego 2017
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18 lutego 2017

Is blow drying bad for hair?

blow drying

Is blow drying bad for hair?

Of course it is! From purely theoretical point of view, not taking any of the advantages of blow drying under consideration.

Blow drying always reduces moisture in hair, which lowers hair structure quality. Lower moisture level makes hair more vulnerable to damage and breaking.

If so, why do I often recommend blow-drying?


Blow-drying has numerous good sides, which may outweight its flaws for some people.

blow drying

What I recommend is drying only scalp area and letting ends dry naturally. This method:

  • prevents bacterial growth on scalp
  • reduces sebum production
  • enhances root volume

Throughout the course of creating my Polish blog and channel, I have received lots of positive feedback on switching from not drying to drying scalp area.

Who May Benefit?

Blow drying may greatly help in any case of scalp-related problems.

Low-porosity, long, heavy hair should also fell better and more voluminous!

I cannot forget about people, who constantly get sick, like me. Drying often saves the day, night or even a week.

Who May Not Benefit?

  • Curly girls and boys, as always! I love your hair and I am sorry that I go with straight hair methods first.
  • Blow-drying intensifies fizziness and puffy hair and prevents curls from proper forming.
  • People with very thin, light hair.
  • People who just like natural drying. As always – no method should be forced!

How To Protect Hair During Blow-Drying?

Remember to protect hair by using both proper technique of drying and designated thermo products.

  • Use medium heat, not the hottest one! There is no need for ice-cold either.
  • Keep the dryer farther from your head to avoid overheating.
  • Use thermal protection sprays or serums with NO ALCOHOL! (Alcohol Denat.)

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