18 lutego 2017
silicones in shampoos

Silicones in shampoos

Silicones in shampoos Silicones in shampoos are used commonly to enhance smoothness and shine. They surely help in improving the looks, but do they make hair […]
18 lutego 2017
wash curly hair

How to wash curly hair?

How to wash curly hair? Do you remember my How To Wash Hair Properly article? If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, you may want […]
17 lutego 2017
washed twice

Hair washed twice. Should hair be double-washed?

Should hair be washed twice? The question if hair should be washed twice is asked surprisingly often. Hopefully, the answer turns out simple and is consistent […]
13 lutego 2017
how to wash hair properly

How to wash hair properly?

Wash hair smart, not hard(?) o you know how to wash hair properly? You may think that washing hair is the simpliest thing on Earth, so […]